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IGNITE Scholars

Holistic Program Designed for your Personal Growth


University Lecturer/PhD instructor/Researcher-led online courses offer informative, fun, highly interactive, and convenient lessons to passionate high school students! These courses will give students the opportunity to learn in-depth upcoming issues with a completion of hands-on assignment/based  project, and even a chance to win at a national competition. Choose from a wide variety of topics ranging from computer programming to Bioinformatics and writing.  

Sample clips of online courses

How does it work?

  • Only up to 5 students are eligible to participate for each online course topic at a time and spots get filled up very quickly, so please register soon!

  • Courses run for 3 months, which includes live-online lessons from University lecturers or PhD instructors, hands-on projects/papers or competition submission

  • Complete the assignment/project on your own time; as long as you complete and submit it by the deadline or the due date

  • You will receive a certificate upon successful completion

Online Course Topics

  • Bioinformatics & Neuroscience

  • Science & Literature

  • Videography & Digital Content Making

  • Computer Programming

  • Bio Medicine & Chemistry

  • UX/UI Design

  • Economics & Business

  • Political Science & Public Policy

  • Environmental Science & Public Health

  • Engineering

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